C-Section Recovery

CDC statistics show us that about 1/3 of births are Cesarean births. C- sections are considered major surgery and may be done for a variety of reasons. However, there is little or no therapeutic support available to help a woman heal afterwards. In some women, scar tissue that may form from the incision can potentially lead to the uterus adhering to the bladder. This can cause restricted movement and restricted blood flow of the organs in the pelvic cavity possibly leading to pain or secondary conditions.

 The C-Section Recovery program is a deep, visceral manipulation technique, also known as Merciér Therapy. It is done abdominally and requires NO vaginal work. It addresses adhesions, scar tissue, and the malalignment of the reproductive organs while increasing blood flow and circulation to the pelvis. Any woman considering the C-Section Recovery program please book a 60 minute initial consultation where we will discuss your health history in-depth and develop a individualized plan of care that meets your needs.

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