Self-Isolation Tension & Stress Relief Tips

Here are a few simple & useful self-isolation tension & stress relief tips for use during this time and beyond.
Your inbox is probably overflowing like mine is. You and your family may be exhausted from self-isolating during the outbreak. You may have a kink in your back, hips, neck, or shoulders from working at home. Often times this is because we find ourselves in a less than desirable desk/couch/bed set-up. What if you are an essential employee working on the front lines? Doing daily repetitive actions such as lifting, reaching, standing while serving the public. Clogging up your inbox with worrying emails is not my intent. I don’t want to add to any worry you may have about what’s going on in the world. My business is to support you in finding relief from your pain as well as your stress.

I hear you and I’m with you. Let’s get through this together.

To help you combat all of this, below you will find my free CIMFW Self-Isolation Self-Care print-out with eight self-isolation tension & stress relief tips. These are simple yet effective tools you can easily employ in order to manage your physical and emotional health, especially during this time of self-isolation. Useful tips and tools such as journaling, media detoxing, nutrition facts, and aromatherapy insights. Scroll down to view the print-out. Feel free to save it to your phone, tablet, or desktop computer for ease of access. These tips and tools will also be helpful to manage tension and stress in the future, beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully we can continue to think about the happy days ahead after this pandemic has been controlled.

self-isolation tension & stress relief tips

Visit the CIMFW scheduling page for more information how to book a massage therapy session for tension and stress relief. You can also purchase a gift certificate for a future session here. I look forward to providing you with in-person support once the state-mandated shelter in place has been lifted!

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